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June 22, 2017
July 31, 2017
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BZB Showcase: TRIGGERed by Faith

TRIGGERed by Faith: A BZB Showcase

By: JawaanW

The official book release/signing party for the Trigger novel was held in Macon, GA on Jun 17. The soiree was filled with friends, family and positive vibes. Attendees shared their dream Triggers, enjoyed a reading from Faith herself and mingled and talked as everyone couldn’t wait to get started on their new read.

We caught up with author Faith Underwood to ask her a few questions about her first book, her inspiration and about how grateful she is of the support of her new venture. Check out the latest BlueZoneBlog showcase below!

Don’t forget to visit to purchase your copy today!

Make sure you join the BZB book club by providing your email below. We will have discussions, recommended reads and more interactive activities all in the name of educating, inspiring and entertaining through reading!

Check out the #TRIGGER playlist on soundcloud, organized by Faith!

Faith Underwood
Faith Underwood
I have am an author and positive thinker who lives by the laws of the universe. Although I am educated in the environmental sciences, my life's calling has also led me to become a peace advocate. I promote peace, optimism, faith, resiliency, and intrinsic motivation, clairvoyance, and good vibrations. Educating our community on history, academics, and the knowledge of the power of our thoughts are my ambitions. My blogging interests include spiritual well-being, life lessons, education, and music.

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