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Capture the Moment – Jamaica Mon (Explore)

Capture the Moment – Jamaica Mon

By: JawaanW

Since college, I have been blessed with various opportunities to travel, explore, and experience new places throughout the country and abroad. We all use vacations and getaways as a form of excitement and release, but I would like to share my perspective of why I value traveling and exploring so much.

As a photographer, the phrase “Capture the Moment” is used a lot in my vocabulary. First I see the moment unfolding, then I use my tool(camera) to capture it. It’s almost 2nd nature. I’ve trained myself to just stay ready. When I travel, I like to use a mixture of video and photography to do just that.

My most recent trip was an exploration of Jamaica. Traveling with a small crew of 2 (3 total), we were able to cover a lot of ground in just 4 days. From the entertainment, food and inclusiveness of the resort, to the cultural car rides and adventurous journeys via ATV’s and a party boat, there was plenty for me to capture.

When you create snapshots, or you Capture the Moment” you are able to revisit the thoughts, senses and environemnt that you experienced during that time. It allows you to draw from the moment and tell a story from your unique perspective.

Tourism is the #1 economic driver in Jamaica and I was intrigued at how genuine the people were while showing us tourists a glimpse of their homeland and culture. We were fortunate enough to be able to instantly connect with our driver that picked us up from the airport and he proved to be responsible for our cultural experience away from the resort. During the car rides to and from our excursions, we were able to experience a view of the Jamaican culture from a native’s perspective. Best believe I had my Canon to capture the people, places and things of Jamaica! Check out the cultural photo gallery below to see the culture through my lens!

Since I knew that we would be partaking in a lot of outdoor adventure, I picked up a new toy to help capture this trip in a new way. The waterproof GoPro allowed me record from my point of view no matter that conditions. You will be able to catch the 3 part unique perspective of our adventurous journey soon. (produced by Number 1 Productions

Prioritizing exploring new things and places is a good investment in life.

-Jawaan W.

When I first started shooting back in 2013, I didn’t instantly gravitate towards people as my subjects. I wanted to learn the “Art of Capturing” and I focused on events and landscape. The hometown of Atlanta has always been the go-to backdrop for my landscape galleries, but when I travel, it gives me the opportunity to add to my gallery of different cities.

Mountains, trees, water, skylines, traffic, cultural interaction… these are all things that I look for to capture. Other than the must-have selfies and snapshots of the turn-up, I still came back with 50 photos of the Jamaican landscape.

Check out the Explore series gallery of Jamaica by JawaanW of JWP

We welcome you to share your explorations of new places, people and things right here on BlueZoneBlog!

Jamaican Culture By JWP

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Jamaica Landscape By JWP

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